Wednesday, 9 November 2011

fed up feeling bad

I didn’t get up until after 12. The cough is deeper now but I’m hoping that change means I’m reaching the end of this bug. My head isn't aching so much nor is my thorat so fingers crossed.
it's such a struggle - keep tying to work or give in to being ill.
I’ve decided I'm definitely not going anywhere until I feel better which means missing the Spice quiz tonight. I can’t risk making this worse so it’s batten down the hatches time and fingers crossed I’m all right for Saturday.
I’ve read all the competition entries now and have made a long list. Now it’s time to start writing the critiques, then I can go back to the long list and read them again before deciding on the short list.
My new found friend, Rae, told me today that I have a story in the latest Fiction Feast. I've been so down, I hadn't even noticed!

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