Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday 30th January 2013

This morning was spent at Heydays and it didn’t go well.
The woman who runs the sessions is really bad at keeping control. Today was even worse than usual and most of the time was spent listening to some of the women going on about their family problems. If I’m going to a course, I want to listen to the course leader. I was also getting annoyed that they all behave as everyone’s a – got family – b – they’re retired.
I was delighted when my mobile (which I’d forgotten I had with me I use it so rarely) rang. It was about a quiz show I’ve applied to go on so I was able to leave the room for ten minutes.
I haven’t got much work done recently. I’m waiting until January’s over. Last night, my computer people called to do the service on my machine. The conclusion was that it needs to be put out to grass. Apparently I need 4GB of RAM and I’ve only got one  and my processor is 12 years old which in pc terms is ancient. The man did what he could, but there’s a limit. So now I need to brave again and invest in a new computer. It’s off to PC world on Saturday. At least after talking to my tame computer man I know (more or less) what I need. The plan is to set the new one up in the spare bedroom using a wireless connection. That way, when I move house it should be easier to do the transfer. It’s still a bit scary though. Computers and electricity – two things that scare me rigid, and two things I can’t get by without.  

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  1. Try PC Ideas at Oakwood and ask for Zan. A bit more expensive but sets it all up to suit you.