Sunday, 6 January 2013

Leah the Samoyed is here

I finished work on a rewrite of a story which I thought I might send to Womans Weekly but now it’s been changed and lost 600 words, I’m going to try sending it back to Fiction Feast. Apart from doing that, I caught up on a few odd jobs today. An ex–pupil who wanted feedback, and a current pupil who had sent me three stories to look at. I also write a short piece about ideas to go in The New Writer’s email monthly news message.
This afternoon, John came round as I needed to go and collect Leah the Samoyed whose owners are off to Egypt ( I don't drive which is one reason I find my ex so useful!). She’s a big ball of white fluffiness with a huge appetite for treats. On the way, we stopped to get more net curtains for bedroom 3 and my office. He’ll probably stay here tonight then he can take down my blinds and put up the nets in my office tomorrow morning.
His diary is getting quite full as he’s about to meet not one but two ladies he found on Hopefully he’ll still have time to help me walking Leah, and then Pip who arrives a few days after Leah goes.
Leah settled in very quickly. Last time it took 36 hours before she was barking at me – her way of asking for treats. Today it took less than 15 minutes.
The next job on my list is to find a story I can send to My Weekly as my once a month (January) submission.
It’s very strange but I’ve been changing little things round the house, nothing major or expensive, but it’s already made a big difference to the way I feel about the place. I’ve been here for three years and have only just removed the remains of the football stickers that were on the door to the small bedroom. I’m finally starting to feel as if this is MY house.

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