Friday, 18 January 2013

A day away from the machine

I had a day away from the computer yesterday. I like to do that every now and then so that I don’t feel tied to it. I put the radiators on  and sat in the conservatory to write a new story. Then after lunch it was crosswords. It was rather a rushed session as Jack wanted everyone to get home early, due to the weather. I didn’t want to get home that soon so I asked Sandra if she wanted to go to the shops for a coffee. We had a good chat. Until then I’d assumed she lived with her husband, I had no idea she lived alone having been divorced for yonks It just goes to show how little we know and how easy it is to make assumptions. I came home to find John was here. I’ve been on at him to only come round when I’m expecting him but he’s still not listening. It throws me when I get home, planning to work, and he’s here.
This morning, my plan was to catch up with Writers Bureau work, type up a story or two, then get ready for the new dog. I just about managed it as another  friend from the crossword group called to talk about problems she’s having with HER mother. We only finished nattering when Pip’s owners turned up.
I’d been worried about having this dog as terriers can be a bit high energy but so far, it’s fine. Within ten minutes of arriving she was on my lap and accepting lots of cuddles. I’ve employed my ex as dog walker while Pip’s here as the last thing I want is a fall in the snow. John has much bigger feet so he’s less likely to fall over (that’s my theory anyway). I mentioned yesterday and he apologised but whether that wil change anything, who’s to say.
I’ve just typed up a story which is about somebody’s mother dying. I’ve used a few things  from my own experience which I NEVER usually do, but this is a time for change so the old rules don’t apply any more.
Talking of change, I’ve got a pile of paperwork to sort through and forms to complete regarding the sale of the house so that will keep me busy over the weekend. I just hope I can find all the bits of paper I need.
Re the comment about the men at Spice. Having watched Gok’s new dating show, I’ve come to the conclusion that men need women to show they are a tiny bit interested before they do anything. As research, I asked my ex  if any of the women had flirted with him. No  was his answer. Maybe that’s what’s going on, everybody’s waiting for a signal, but there are no signals being transmitted. I wil have to ponder that before the Grand Ball on the 26th


  1. Linda, I think you're right. I think most men need at least a little sign, to encourage them. Just a friendly smile or a few words of conversation may be all it takes. We're not living in Jane Austen's times, after all. Why should it be the men who take the lead all the time? I am not an expert by any means but it's just my opinion!

  2. I totally agree with the comment above.