Thursday, 24 January 2013

Feeling fraught

I’m feeling a bit fraught at the moment. No special reason – weather, inability to settle down to anything useful, computer refusing to let me reply to any emails, John….
I had my hair done this morning. It’s the first time I’ve ever had my hair dyed by a professional and I was looking forward to seeing people’s reaction at crossword class, but the class was cancelled due to the white stuff. It’s held at Good Neighbours and they’re always very careful as they don’t want to be blamed if anybody has a fall. 
If I’d known the class was being cancelled, I would have stayed longer in town and not rushed back, but I did manage to find time to buy a dress in Debenhams. I had a £20 voucher from months ago which was due to expire so at least I’ve used that up.
Later on I went to a view a house which I thought would be good as a rental but now I’ve seen it, it feels a bit small, so I’m looking at another one tomorrow. How’s this for great estate agency? There are no interior photos on the web site as, to quote the estate agent, the inside is in rather a mess. What do they want people to do, view it wearing a blindfold? Hopefully it’s just dirty and in need of decoration – find out tomorrow.
Pip the terrier I was so concerned about has turned out to be a sweetie,  and given me no trouble at all which is great.
I’m very aware that yet another day has slipped by without me doing any actual work. I’ve dome some reading and playing with ideas and yesterday I did some Writers Bureau marking but that’s hardly enough. Pip leaves on Saturday, so I should be back to writing by Sunday. I don’t want to fall too far behind schedule.

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