Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dogless until Friday

I took a day off from my blog to make sure that when I DID write something, I would be sure it made sense.
As is obvious from recent postings, I’ve been having trouble deciding what to do about the house. Now the decision to move has been made, I feel much happier, I’m even starting to feel a  bit excited about it. I’ve already changed most of the curtains so that I can take the ones I want. Over the next few weeks, I have a chance to go through all my paperwork, clothes, bits and pieces, etc and get rid of anything that’s outgrown its usefulness.
It occurred to me that I’ve been living in fear all my life. Fear made me want to stay here. Fear keeps me in touch with my ex. Change is scary. Change can be hard and it raises various problems, but there are problems anyway. They can’t be avoided just by staying put. It's time I started making deicsions that are not based on  fear.
Leah, the Samoyed, went home yesterday which was, to be honest, a relief. I felt like a bit of a fraud being paid to take care of her when I didn’t really do that much. I prefer dogs that like company whereas she’s happy to spend a lot of time outside or behind the sofa!
Last night was a Spice Diner Shuffle at Raymond Blanc’s Brasserie in the centre of Leeds. The food was good value for the money but not exactly French haute cuisine. I would definitely go there again though!
I am beginning to despair of the men that go to Spice. For much of the time, they seem to prefer to talk to other men rather than the women. I don’t expect them to chat ME up as I’m probably the oldest woman there, but they ignore the rest of the ladies too which is odd as practically all of them are fun, clever, well turned out, genuinely interesting and nice people.
This morning was Heydays at the West Yorkshire Playhouse where I’m attending a course called Mysteries of the Mind. It’s all a bit zen at the moment which I have to say I’m enjoying. Listening to other people’s views and take on life is fascinating.
This afternoon I’ve been catching up on some Writer Bureau work. Later, the plan is to sort out some story outlines so that I can have a go at writing some new fiction tomorrow. I’d hoped to write four new stories in January but what with all the will I move, won’t I move stuff, that hasn’t happened. If I don’t manage to write anything tomorrow, I will have no choice but to book another break in Scarborough soon. It worked before, it can work again AND I’ll get a chance to meet up with Valerie and Shirley again.

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  1. Linda
    perhaps the Spice men are over-awed by the fun, clever and well-turned out Spice ladies and feel safer, talking to each other (safety in numbers and all that!). Perhaps next time, you should gently try to prise them apart and have a chat? They will probably be pleased - I'm sure they haven't gone there just to talk to other men but are probably shy.