Saturday, 5 January 2013

Today was OK.

I had a go at writing while still in bed, but it didn’t quite work out as the story came out a bit gloomy. That said, once it’s been left for a few days, something may come of it.
After that, I went to the shops to order some new curtains for my bedroom and a new bin, plus some new net curtains which I put up this afternoon. Now I’ve seen them up, I plan to buy some more so that I can do all the front windows the same.
I’ve been living with (very unsatisfactory, badly fitted) blinds in my office and will be glad when they’ve gone. Next I tacked some email work for The Writers Bureau, looked at some stories sent to me by one of my writing pupils and a rewrite of another story sent by somebody who entered the NAWG competition.
It was then time to take down the Christmas decs, and………
Move my desk AGAIN.
Move the furniture in the conservatory AGAIN.
I also had an idea for another in my series of writing guides which I’m pencilling down notes for as and when they occur to me and had time for a chat with Valerie, one of my two Scarborough friends.
Tomorrow Leah the Samoyed comes to stay. I’m not looking forward to it as she likes to bark and I can’t always tell what she wants. Also she likes to get up VERY early and in January, that’s not a  lot of fun (actually it’s not a lot of fun any time of the year ). Looking on the bright side though, if I’m up early, I can get more work done.
On a positive note I planted some sweet pea seeds today. It’s the first time I’ve taken an interest in the garden for months so that’s a good sign (I hope).

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  1. Is Val from Scarborough Writers' Conference Val W? If so, she's also a personal friend of mine.

    I wish I could find new nets somewhere here! You are lucky to get them. I hate blinds. I hate vertical blinds because they look so naff, I hate venetian blinds because they hate me and always go skewiff, and I hate roman blinds because they might look nice inside but look like bad wrapping paper up at the windows from outside. You can't beat a nice bit of net or lace! xxx