Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Taking a break

I’m not going to be blogging much for a while.
This weekend I’m at NAWG in Nottingham running a short story class, then it’s off to Devon to sort out and clear the house. I’m really NOT looking forward to it, but it has to be done. I keep wishing I could fast forward to a time when the house is sold and I didn’t have to think about Exeter, ever again.
I’m not sure how long I’ll be away. If I hate it there, it could be a couple of days, or I might add a day or two and turn it into a break. I have no idea and will have to wait and see.
I viewed a house yesterday that was really really nice. The question is, how large a garden do I actually want? The one I have is far too big but I’m not sure if the one at this other house is too small. I’m not planning to see any more properties until the Exeter house attracts interest (unless I change my mind as looking at other people’s houses is great fun!).
Today I want to recirculate some stories to magazines. I’ve been so out of it recently, I haven’t been doing that. I tell people that when a story is sent back to try and send it somewhere else inside 48 hours. I have been ignoring my own good advice which means that I have several stories that I need to look at, rewrite, edit, whatever. I don’t enjoy this part of writing as it’s far from creative which is why I aim to work on stories AS they come back not wait until I have a pile. It just goes to show how deep and dark the depression has been and how much I want to avoid another bout.
I just want to quickly mention all the lovely people who sent messages, hugs and card when I was down. You really did help me get through. I’m sorry if I haven’t been in touch. I’ve been very bad at making notes and know that I’ve neglected people by not following blogs, sending emails, Facebook etc etc . If this is you, I’m really sorry. Please get in touch so that I can make amends.

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