Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Louis arrives tomorrow!

I feel as though I’m running to catch up at the moment. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking about Exeter. I’m still waiting for confirmation that he’s left the house.  Once that happens, I can start planning my trip to Devon.
Sorry about last night’s typo. Sadly it was a Dinner Shuffle at Del Verde, Leeds, not a Sinners Shuffle. The food was excellent and I had a thoroughly good time, managing to talk to lots of people instead of my usual trick of sitting back and taking little part.
I’m having trouble sleeping again which is VERY annoying.. Luckily it’s only ever other night so, hopefully, I’ll be OK tonight. I’m not going to get much sleep once Louis the Labrador arrives. He does  like to hog most of the bed AND he has to get up in the night (I do love him though so I don’t mind too much). I’m still working on my Swanwick write up. At the moment I’m still short of photos of me that are useable but I’m sure Lois will come up with something. I’ve just printed out what I’ve written so far so that I can sit down with Raffy and work on it longhand.
I’ve also been working for the Writers Bureau with my shiny new tutors hat on. I’m still finding it hard work but at least it’s teaching, even if I never get to meet any of the students.
Finally I made an abortive trip to make a new will, finding that the solicitor I’d arranged to see wasn’t situated where I thought they were, so I had to make ANOTHER appointment with somebody else tomorrow. Never mind. I’ll get there somehow.

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