Thursday, 23 August 2012

Still waiting

This morning, first thing, was a bit chaotic. I had to get up early, take Raffy for a walk, then wait for somebody to come and pick him up, hopefully before Louis the Labrador arrived. Raffy left at 9.12 a.m. and Louis arrived at quarter past so it was tight.
Regular readers will know that Louis is one of my favourite boarders. He’s just a sweetie, built like a prize fighter but with the good nature of a lamb.
At half eleven, I had an appointment with a solicitor because I needed to write a new will. I shredded the previous one when Denis (Mum’s ‘carer’) lied to my face. Sound of fanfare, I think I’ve actually found a solicitor I can relate to, maybe even trust, which is great as I plan to move house once the Exeter property is solved and would like somebody with some commonsense to do the conveyancing.
After that, I had lunch in the shopping centre, then went to crossword class where I had a lovely long chat with Fella (she’s a lady, no idea where the name comes from) about dogs, which was lovely. The rest of the day has pretty much disappeared. My excuse is I’m still waiting for the final call to say Denis has finally left the house. I KNOW he’s going, I had another call from the housing people today to say he’ll be clear tomorrow, but I told myself I wouldn’t celebrate until he was out and the keys were with Fulfords. So now it seems it will be tomorrow when I get that long awaited call. Of course as luck would have it, tomorrow is one of my fast days (I restrict my calorific intake to 500 at least once a week to reduce stress, blood pressure etc) so cracking open the champagne is a no no. Fortunately Sunday is the 3rd anniversary of moving to Leeds so I plan to make it a double celebration then, so that’s two bottles of bubbly…
Actually it’s also my ex’s birthday so he might get a glass or two as I’ve nobody else in my life right now – cue for a big Ahhhhhhh, shame.

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