Sunday, 5 August 2012


For some reason, yesterday's blog post didn't. No idea why.
This is today's.

This morning, I could, happily, have thrown the computer out the window. All I wanted to do was load the software from the new camera so that I could upload photos. Would it work? It took forever, then Word and Mozilla threw wobblies. I was in a total state of panic in case I’d ruined my PC. After four hours, I finally managed to get things sorted, whether I’ll be able to remember how to do it next time I try is another matter. I’m glad I didn’t wait until I got back from Swanwick though.
Once I’d recovered from the headache the whole farrago had given me, it was time to look at the short stories people had sent to me in preparation fro their sessions with me at Swanwick. Some hadn’t named a target market which always makes my heart sink. If you don’t know who you’re writing for, it’s unlikely you will get anywhere.
Now I want to take a quick look at the tennis then it’s off to ELFM (East Leeds digital radio) for their Word Salad this evening. And BTW, its chucking it down with rain.

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