Monday, 27 August 2012

A wet Bank Holiday - how unusual!

I haven’t done much today apart from tidy up an article and reply to lots of emails.
The rest of my energy has gone on thinking about my back to bck trips. Next weekend I’m in Nottingham teaching a short story course for NAWG. I get back Sunday evening then it’s off to Exeter bright and early Monday morning. It’s not idea but the sooner I get there, the sooner I can come home again. The  problem is knowing what to take to Devon as I have zero idea what Denis took from the house. The estate agent is due to go round there tomorrow  to tell me vaguely what’s what. The most important thing is the bed situation. There’s no way I want to sleep in my mother’s room and if he did take a bed, it’s likely to be the one from the front bedroom. Anyway, I should know more tomorrow.
Tomorrow I also have to go to the solicitor again to sign my new will. I’m going to ask him if he can handle the conveyancing for the Exeter house as I’d rather have somebody close by who inspires confidence rather than take pot luck.
John is taking me down in the car, then staying on for a  while to visit his family while I come home by train so I’ll get a rest from him which is great as his selfishness and lack of thought for anyone but himself is driving me mad, and yes, he does read this blog sometimes but as he never listens to a word I say, he might as well read it instead.You know, I feel much better for writing that!

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