Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Raffy's here

I’m looking after Raffy until Thursday morning as his owners wanted to go visit their baby granddaughter. He’s a young border terrier. He’s still a bit unsettled and veers between playfulness and looking forlorn.
I was playing with him as I went up the stairs. Unfortunately, that put him at face level so when he jumped up to play, I ended up with 2 red welts on my face. I wouldn’t mind but it’s a Spice sinner shuffle tonight!
I went to see Julia at Relate this morning, hopefully for the last time a I’m feeling a lot better.
I’m going to try and mix my week up a bit by having defined work days. I’m going to try a number of different patterns and see which works – one day on, one day off, two on, one off, three on, two off and so on, MAYBE that will allow me to indulge in some painting or actually listening to  my glorious new music system. AT the moment, every day is a work day so when I do something different, I feel I should be working. 
As you may have guessed, today is a not working day, so now I’m off to play with Raffy, then I need to par boil and freeze some veg from the garden, then it’s off to that dinner shuffle, red welts and all.

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  1. Sorry, Linda, but had to laugh at the Spice sinner shuffle!
    Sounds like a great night out!!