Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pills, waiting list, or go private

My dodgy throat turned into a cough which stopped me sleeping, so I decided not to go to crossword class this afternoon, or evening class tonight.
Instead I made an appointment to see the doctor, not about my cold, but to see if I could get somebody to talk to without having to pay out. He told me that I could go on a waiting list for several months to speak to somebody or he could give me some pills or I could pay to see somebody privately. I took the pills option.
I’m sure if I’d tried to kill myself, I’d get to speak to somebody, but that’s the way it is.
I’m feeling so rough, if I was employed, I’d take a week off (and get paid) but I’m self employed so that option doesn’t apply. I managed a thousand words on the book, then read the Write Place short listed stories which I’m to judge. None of them jumped out as particularly brilliant which was a shame as that always makes choosing the winner much easier. I left them for half a day then read them again. I now have my top three and three highly commendeds. I might leave the report until tomorrow and have a look at some of the entries for the NAWG competition. I was going to leave them until after the closing date but it won’t hurt to do a first sift and it’s something I can manage to do, even when I’m feeling yuk.

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  1. Pills can be a godsend while you’re working through something difficult. Hope they help.