Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New book ready for sale

I finished another story, Valentine’s Day for a change. Now I’m working on a longer one.
The brown bin (garden rubbish) gets collected tomorrow so I decided I’d better fill it up, that meant spending a couple of hours in the garden, hacking things down. I haven’t been out there for ages which, sadly, shows. Next year will be better, I hope.
My new writers guide on the subject of fillers is now with the powers that be at Lulu and if all’s well, they will help to market it and it will gone on sale on Amazon. See my books page for more information and my web site if you want to buy a copy. I only have a few for sale as I’m waiting for Lulu’s approval before ordering any more.
I thought adding an ISBN number would be difficult but it hasn’t proved to be as complicated as I expected, so I’ll wait and see if I’ve done this one right and think about adding ISBN numbers to my other books too.
I should be going to heydays tomorrow but I have so much to do – my column for Writers Forum, choosing which story to send to My Weekly for my October submission, working on my next, longer, book, finishing stories, and so on, I might give it a miss. I could only go for the morning anyway because Louis’s here. He really is a darling. Even though he does get me out of bed at half past six every morning.
When he wags his tail, his whole body shakes like a jelly.

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