Friday, 14 October 2011

hard to stay awake

I went to my first evening class in York last night. The course I wanted (Edwardian Children’s Literature) was cancelled so I switched to the Making of Post War Britain. I’m not that interested in history but it turned out to be quite interesting, probably because I hadn’t known much about the period before. The only problem was, I felt so tired, I had to concentrate on staying awake. I’d been out late the night before, and also on Monday. I’m going to see King Lear tonight and feeling very excited about it. I love live entertainment. I’m sure I’ll have no problems staying awake for that. I haven’t been to the theatre by myself since I saw Dave Allen back in the 1980s.
Mind you, Louis did get me up at five this morning which didn’t help. It’s funny how easy it is to forgive animals and how hard it can be to forgive people. Louis could make all kinds of mess, throw up in my slippers, cover me in bruises with his hard and very bony elbows and keep me wake half the night, but I’d still love him.
I wish he wasn’t going home on Sunday.

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