Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Working on the next book

Thanks to all the lovely people who commented or sent emails (thanks again, George) after my recent blogs. It really is a great help as standing up for myself and for what is right, is hard for me. Your support is very valuable to me.
I forced myself to go to the poetry launch last night as I’d told the writer (David Agnew) ages ago that I would be there. I stayed until the break, then came home, having bought a copy of his book and getting him to sign it. I could have stayed longer, but with just the one train every hour, I felt it better to go sooner rather than later.
I’m glad I did. 
This morning, I checked my diary only to realise that I’m booked on a Spice dinner shuffle tonight. That would be OK but I’m meant to be going to the Peace Poetry prize giving tomorrow (I’ve been short listed but definitely won’t win anything), then on Thursday evening I’m at ELFM reading out a short piece about my mother, and on Friday, I’ve made plans to go and see a friend who reckons she knows a great solicitor (hopefully I won’t need one but it’s best to be ready). It’s hardly living the high life but right now, going anywhere is proving hard. I’d much rather stay safe in my shell  but that is probably not the best idea. I have to stay strong. Hidign away and getting depressed again is NOT the way to do it.
The weather is good at the moment and I’m finding the pull of the garden hard to resist, so I might just give in and go murder some weeds.

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