Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Moving furniture, again

This morning, I was asked to put together 300 words about my book – ‘I am writing a feature about books on how to write and wanted to use the regular contributors to Writers’ Forum. Would you like to contribute 200 – 300 words about how you came to write your Treasury of Ideas? How did you come up with the idea? Are there other books covering the same subject and, if so, what does yours say that makes it different?
Could you also tell me if you have a favourite how to write book or has there been one that has inspired you?’
Obviously I was very happy to oblige as anything that gets the book out there has to be good. You should be able to read my reply in a couple of months in Writers Forum under Phil Barrington’s by line.
It’s been a funny day. I started off by reading a sample of work that my latest pupil had sent to me. It’s part one of a serial aimed at Womans Weekly. It’s always worrying, reading somebody’s work for the first time as you have no idea what standard they wil have reached. Fortunately the writing was good. Most of the problems came from the plot and from the dialogue. As these are both fixable, I am hopeful that she will soon improve. I do enjoy teaching and giving feedback but it is hard work. It’s so important to offer encouragement but at the same time, not to beat about the bush regarding any weaknesses.
After lunch I decided to do something different which loosely translated meant moving more furniture. This time in my dining room/office. I’ve moved the desk so that’s it’s more central rather than tucked into a corner, swapped carpets and moved the filing cabinets. It’s made a big difference. My plan is to buy a wave music system. Once probate is granted and I have a bit of spare cash. That will need a cupboard to perch on and then, well you get the idea. Until recently, all my clothes, furniture and possessions have been decidedly cheap and cheerful. I’m not talking second hand as some used goods are great. I’m talking cheap nad nasty. I had one decent piece of furniture and I only bought that because it was ex–display and therefore cheap. The idea now is to gradually replace all the cheap and cheerful chipboard furniture with things I can take some pride in. It’s going to be a long job. Once that’s sorted, I have to think about my (dismal) wardrobe). I had planned a trip to Watford to visit my friend Rae who has dress sense in spades. 
She was going to take me round and pass on some of her expertise. Sadly that had to be put off and hasn’t been rescheduled. There’s not a lot of point at the moment as some of the weight I had shifted has climbed back on . I don’t’ want to buy clothes then lose weight and have to buy some more. We have planned a day’s shopping during Swanwick so I have until mid August to get round of half a stone. I will do it too.
Now to think about packing for my long weekend away. I’m really looking forward to a change of scenery. It feels like for ever time since I had a proper break.
I’m almost afraid to say this, but I feel so much better right now. I only hope it lasts.

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