Sunday, 24 June 2012

A little less foggy

I’ve been making more decisions today.
I had a wardrobe full of my mother’s clothes which I wasn’t sure what to do with I’ve listed her favourite 1950s dress and a jacket on eBay and given the rest to my ex to dispose of as he wishes.
I’ve also decided to make better use of bedroom 2. At the moment it’s home to a lovely desk on which I’m meant to do my painting (I have done virtually none for two years), my keyboard which I haven’t played since Mum died, a cheap wardrobe, two chairs and a single bed. I’ve just put the bed and wardrobe on eBay. When they’re gone, the plan is to get a sofa bed so that I can lounge about and maybe even write stories up there (I prefer to write fiction by hand first) but still have a spare bed IN CASE I ever get any visitors. The bed had a 99p bid minutes after it was listed so that’s great.
At long last, the sun came out today. I tried, but I couldn’t resist going outside and working in the garden, but only once I’d sorted out a few things. I’ve been writing more letters trying to get to the bottom of what really went on back in March 2011.
I found a letter today the significanec of which, although I’d read it many times before, had never actually dawned on me. I still prefer not to go into details in case I end up in the law courts, but let me just say this, I’m starting to think I might get somewhere. |Justice may actually prevail. 
I’ve also begun to realise just how thick a fog has been clogging up my brain for the past fifteen months and starting to think that it might, at last, be clearing. 

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