Saturday, 23 June 2012

Busy doing nothing very much

After a quick browse on eBay I found the perfect chair, with 3 minutes left to run. Bid, won it, and collected it two hours later, so that’s the living room done as far as the furniture goes. On the way back from collecting it, I called into a garden centre and used a garden token I’d found at Mum’s house to buy a very healthy looking Venus Fly Trap. I used to have a few insectivorous plants but they’ve mostly been killed off. My favourite used to be in the pond but 2 vicious winters killed it off. I was responsible for the demise of the others as when I get down, I tend to neglect all kinds of things including watering plants (and the dusting!)
I still have a list of things to find before the overhaul of the house is done – new desk for my office, a music system with power and a headphone socket that works, a tall cupboard/cabinet for conservatory, a small sofa bed for my den/guest room, but at least one room is looking good (about time too).
I have heard nothing from Exeter which is really getting to me. I’m going to have to send another letter, recorded delivery and hope that prompts a reply.
I spent yesterday evening at a friend’s, drinking some wine and playing Rummikub (a great game, and one of my favourites, probably because I’m good at it).
I don’t feel I’m achieving anything at the moment but as I gave myself until my birthday before I made more of an effort, I’m having to convince myself that it’s OK not to do very much actual work.Shame the birthday will soon be here and I'll need to find another excuse.
Every now and then something happens to give me a boost. A lady who asked for feedback for one of her stories has done a rewrite, taking everything I said on board. I’m hoping her hard work is rewarded as she deserves it. I also had a lovely email from a man in the USA who not only loves my book, he sent a story that had been inspired by it, PLUS he recommended a book which sounded so fascinating I promptly bought a copy.

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