Monday, 4 June 2012

Ebay, gardening and Alfiedog

My aim today was to put some items on eBay, do some gardening now that I have my new flower bed to fill, and send some stories to Alfiedog and other markets.
I managed the eBay, but spent far too long in the garden as the weather was perfect. That meant I sent 2 stories to Alfiedog but didn’t have the energy left to send any anywhere else. It’s taking a huge effort to even type this.
Not long ago, I’d more or less decided that I couldn’t cope with the garden and would move, again. Last year, I did nothing out there and it’s proving hard to get back on top, but half an hour ago, I decided that I really do love my garden, and what’s more, it’s starting to look like the garden I’ve always wanted. No summerhouse yet but you never know.
Right now, I’d rather work outside then do anything else but if I do too much, I end up regretting it because I’m just not that fit.
I’m looking forward to my few days away next weekend (note to any burglars out there, my ex will be housesitting for me). I might even take some paper and pens and try a story or two. Of course, I might take paper and pens and not write a thing but somewhere, buried deep down inside, I can feel the story writing part of me beginning to come to life and when she does, I want to be ready.
PS If you don’t know what Alfiedog is, take a look some time (

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