Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Busy holiday weekend

I’ve had a busy few days while the rest of the country’s been on a Jubilee break. I’m quit pleased with how much I’ve got done in the garden. This afternoon I was delighted to see that a colony of bumble bees have set up home in my bird box. I took a photo (very very difficult, bees don’t sit still!) and sent it and an email to a gardening mag as a filler. If you don’t know what a filler is, see my web site (www.akacatherinehoward.weebly.com) I hope they like it. I could use a few more gardening tokens.
I’ve also managed to catch up with my 2 pupils and send a true story to East Leeds FM for the live event coming in a week or two. ELFM is an on line digital radio station that operates from Leeds. The main man is also the one who runs the East Leeds Writers Group which I try to get to.
I’ve also looked at my pile of magazines that goes back at least three months and sifted out some competitions so that when I’m away, I MIGHT try to write something for one of them. Oh, and I also pitched another book to my publisher. He seemed to like the idea so now all I have to do is write it.

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