Monday, 18 June 2012

Good vibes needed

Last night I had terrible chest pains, so bad, I almost dialled 999. It went after two hours, so it was probably stress/panic attack. I’ve had them before but it’s hard to know what to do. Obviously it wasn’t a heart attack as I’m still here.  
I had a letter from Mum’s solicitor today, as I’m still trying to get to the bottom of why I wasn’t allowed access to the Enduring Power of Attorney. They are now saying that a Consultant Psychiatrist was involved but give me no other information, not even their name. I’m sure they think I’ll just give up but I won’t. I can’t. I have to get to the bottom of all this. Right now my faith in the legal profession is at an all time low. The law should be easy to understand. Either an EPA is revoked or it isn’t. Had I been allowed to register it, anyone who wanted to – family, doctor, Mum herself if she was capable, could have contested it. Surely that’s the way it’s meant to work, isn’t it??? If anybody knows, PLEASE get in touch. My email address is
On top of that, I have the other problem I mentioned yesterday. After a great deal of thought (and a panic attack) I have come to a decision. What’s more, I’ve acted on it too. Now to wait and see what happens. Anyone who has any loving vibes to spare, could they please send some my way. I really could use them (again!)
Tonight, I have to go out. A friend and member of Leeds Writers is launching his new poetry collection. I’m a big fan of his as he writes from the heart. I’ve had the date in my diary for weeks, but right now, I really really don’t want to leave the house but he’s expecting me. I might just go, grab  a copy of his book, get him to sign it, and run home!


  1. I will pray for you! Right now, in fact...

  2. Sending rainbow hugs and asking the Angels to watch over you.xx

  3. I am sending loving vibes! Hope you are feeling better. Those chest pains must have been horrible - and frightening.

    Here's a tip that might help with the panic attacks, which was in the Express life coaching column today: "Feeling anxious, stressed or unhappy? Take a look at your breathing. We often breathe high in the chest when we are feeling under pressure. Try belly breathing in order to completely alter your emotional state. Just as babies breathe deep into their tummies, breathe in and aim to expand the tum, not the chest and slowly breathe out through the mouth. Do this for 10 minutes or more and you will feel calmer, more centred and, in some cases, completely blissed out." Worth a try?

    How was the poetry?

  4. Thinking of you. Stay strong