Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hitting another rock

I have hit another obstacle. One of the letters I wrote for probate purposes has  revealed that the man living in my late mother’s house has, as I knew along, actively set out to defraud and cheat me. What’s most upsetting is that he lied to my face.
It’s more complicated than I’m making it sound but until I know what I’m going to do, I can’t say any more.
I know what I’d LIKE to do which is ask him to leave. Then I can sell the house and buy something closer to home. The problem is, will he leave quietly? And do I have the guts to make him?
Complications too on the probate front. I have an appointment for the 27th, but it takes another TEN DAYS after that for them to post the paperwork. That means my plans to treat myself on my birthday have evaporated.
It’s chucking it down with rain too, so I can’t even go outside and take it out on the weeds.

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