Friday, 15 June 2012

Answering Chloe's question

I wanted to answer Chloe’s great question (posted on yesterday’s blog) as it made me think.  The stories I am happiest with are those that deal mainly with character and emotions rather than those that are more about what happens. When I think about my favourite stories, I remember the people in them because they live on the page. My problem has been that since losing my husband in 1997, I had to look to writing to make some kind of living. His death shook my world and killed my confidence so that I could no longer cope with a ‘proper’ job. Now I have more stability, money–wise, I can afford to write for love again. My advice to Chloe is simple. If you want to write, write what you enjoy. If you need to write for money, concentrate on the womag market.

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  1. Thanks :) I always go for writing what I love, and I'm fortunate enough to not need an income from it. But it has crossed my mind more than once that if anything happened to my husband it would be such a different story. Thanks for sharing your experience.