Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back but not back on track yet

I had hoped to get back from Great Yarmouth to find I had an appointment letter to go to the Probate Office but was disappointed. I really would like to get the money side sorted by the end of the month. Having to wait, when there’s nothing you can do to speed things up, really gets to me.
I forgot to take my camera with me so I have no photos to share. I was lucky with the weather. The gales were awful but the rain stayed away which is all you can ever really ask for in England. Saturday was a really really good day. When I go away with a coach company I don’t go on all the excursions as if you did, you don’t’ actually get time to see the place you’re actually staying at, so on Saturday, I did my own thing. I crammed a lot in – a visit to Amazonia (a reptile zoo), the model village including a round of crazy golf, a tour of the shops, topped off by a couple of hours at the Pleasure Beach. There I finally fulfilled an ambition that I’d had for decades – I had a go on the carousel, one of the old fashioned merry go rounds with horses that go up and down on their poles. It was ridiculously enjoyable and only cost £2.  There were so many rides and things to do. They even had a Segway track and a huge see through plastic bal you could climb in and roll about on the water. Needless to say I passed on both of those.
The journey to and from Great Yarmouth seemed to take for ever, so I’ve learned another lesson. Either go away for longer or go somewhere that’s easier to get to. Norfolk is very badly off for motorways which means it takes a lot longer to get anywhere.
I HAD hoped to write a bit while I was away but in the end, I wrote zilch. I think I’m scared that when I DO try short stories again, I will have lost the knack, even though I KNOW that’s not very likely.
I’ve spent most of today feeling grumpy. As part of my ‘start a new life’ I’ ve been gradually replacing my old, tired, cheap, shabby, chipboard furniture. I’ve just bought a job lot of six pieces because they match. Two have gone to my ex’s house, one I need to sell on, and the other three I’m keeping. Two are replacing book cases, the other is intended to house my new music system. Of course that means that the pieces they replace are cluttering up the place while I wait for somebody to buy them on eBay, plus I daren’t actually buy the wonderful, expensive new music system I want until the probate money comes through
I have to go out tonight. It’s another quiz at Spice and I’ve missed the last two so I really do need to make an effort. The problem I have is that when I’m feeling down, I tend to  find other people (almost all of them!) hugely annoying! I expect they feel the same about me when I’m down too.

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  1. Linda - of course you haven't lost the knack of writing short stories, you're just not in a place to do it right now. Don't beat yourself up about it. Concentrate on getting yourself sorted out for now and, in the meantime, just write on here and write letters that you won't actually send (Nights in White Satin) to people who have annoyed or upset you. It's cathartic, I promise you. x