Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wet wet wet

What a day!
I spent the first part fiddling about with a book I found in a drawer. When I first rediscovered it I thought it was good. The next day I was about to put it in the bin. Now I’ve decided that with massive cuts, it’s good again so I started work on that, taking time out to send another short story to Australia.
Then I went to my crossword class and collected the proof read manuscript of my new writers’ guide after which I fiddled about for ages getting an ISBN number, uploading the book, checking all the requirements, amending the book and uploading it again, then when I’m ready to hit the sofa, I hear running water and find my boiler has spring a leak and there's gallons of hot water on the kitchen floor and in the cupbaord.
So now I have no water, except in buckets, and all I can do is wait for the engineer – some time between 8 and 1 tomorrow. Just what I don’t need. I’m going away this weekend and really would like to come home to hot water. Plus I have an important telephone call to make tomorrow.
Oh well, when it rains it pours (!)

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