Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stoiy required! Fast.

I was all set to work on the book when I had an email from TAB’s fiction editor asking if I had any New Year stories. I had to drop everything, come up with an idea, and write it straightaway. She doesn’t often ask for specific things so when she does, I always try to reply as fast as I can so that she knows she can rely on me to fill any gaps. Of course, I’m well aware that she’s asked lots of other writers too so will have to wait and see if she buys the story.
Chris Huck called by today to drop off some more competition entry forms for the NAWG competition (see - £250 first prize) and some leaflets about NAWG itself as I’m doing what I can to promote the organisation.
Then it was off to the crossword class. I didn’t enjoy it today It was as though the crosswords were all degree level and I’m still at GSCE.
Now I’m going to do one of the jobs I love to hate – pickling onions. I love onions in every shape and form, but whenever I start preparing them for pickling, I do maybe a dozen then wonder why I started the job. It’s such a drag, plus I’ll be stinking of onions for days.

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