Monday, 26 September 2011


I had a great weekend which didn’t turn out as I’d imagined at all. The coach dropped us all off at Bury Market at ten in the morning and was due to pick us up again at three forty five. I had no idea there were so many shops in Bury or that the market was so ginormous. After two hours, I was dead on my feet. I was worried that if I kept walking round, I wouldn’t be able to move the next day (I’m so unfit right now). It was drizzling with rain and I had nowhere to eat my lunch so I decided to go to the cinema and watch anything that was on. Then I could have a rest and eat my lunch in peace and keep dry. The film was called Crazy Stupid Love and I enjoyed it so much, I can’t say. It was so well done. I’d gladly see it again tomorrow.
After the film I navigated my way back to Bury market easily but had no idea which exit I needed to find my way back to the coach. That was when I finally realised just how big the place was. I’d seen about a third of it.
Luckily the person I asked for help gave me simple clear directions so I made it safely back. The coach got to the hotel around four. When I went up to my room I couldn’t believe what I found. I’d been given a suite. ENORMOUS bed, a partition wall, then a good sized living area complete with desk and chair, cosy sofa and armchair, lovely heavy curtains, and a good size flat screen TV. There was also a hall with a big wardrobe, an alcove for my case with an iron, and another section where the tea making bits and pieces were. Best of all, a bathroom with a shower AND a bath so I was able to have a much needed soak.
The food was amazing too. Really good, and plenty of choice. I managed to get a couple of hours work done before dinner, but didn’t fancy carrying on afterwards so I watched another film on pay for view. I chose Bridesmaids as I’d read some excellent reviews I found it boring, and dull. Worse still I could hardly hear it. The volume on the TV was fine, but once the film came on it faded to almost nothing. It’s lucky I have good hearing.
I mentioned the problem to reception th next morning and didn’t have to pay so that was fine.
Our next stop was Oswaldtwistle Mills. I had no idea what was there. I didn’t expect a massive shopping complex, so that was more traipsing round, buying things.
I’d booked the trip as I was intrigued by the Pendle witches part. In the end, it was just a tour round Pendle Hill. We didn’t even get off the coach to soak up any atmosphere so I’m not sure how I’ll use the experience in a story, although as I’m typing this a vague notion is starting to form.
I’ve spent much of today working on my new (non fiction ) book. I should be going to the Writers Club but can’t raise the enthusiasm so I’ll work until half past seven, then get ready for my favourite quiz shows - University Challenge & Only Connect - 2 of my favourite quizzes

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