Tuesday, 6 September 2011


This morning I went to see Rachael (CBT). We spent most of the time trying to make a new rule for the way I live my life. Up until now it’s been ‘if I’m not making enough money I’m not only a bad writer, I’m also a bad person.’ As you might imagine, that kind of thinking hasn’t been good for me. Each time a few weeks went past without a sale, I became increasingly unhappy with myself.
With Rachael’s help, I eventually came up a new rule – ‘I will always be hard working, honest, generous, funny and kind, despite how much I earn.’ My next task is to make a printed sign and put it somewhere so that I can see it.
Then I have to start believing it.
I had a big boost yesterday when Pam Fish, Chair of NAWG, called to offer me the short story course at next year’s festival. I’m really looking forward to it as that will be my first extended bout of teaching.
This afternoon I had to go and see a lady at Garforth Library which turned out to be pretty much a waste of time as the few things we discussed could have been done far better by email. Now I have to wait to hear from the man in charge to find out if my talk to the readers’ group can go ahead in National Short Story Week.
Came home and worked on my column (almost done), then pitched an idea for a non fiction book to a man I met at NAWG. I’ve just emailed it so fingers crossed etc. Now I need to write a summary of the NAWG weekend before it starts to fade from memory. The problem is, it’s almost half past eight and I feel as though I’ve been beaten across the shoulders with a stick. I may have to call it a day. Problem is I’m going on an all day coach trip tomorrow to see Holy Island so it’s highly unlikely that I’ll get much done…..
Oh well, it will have to be Thursday. I could always skip my crossword class.

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  1. Linda, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Holy Island - Lindisfarne.

    It is lovely on a warm summer's day, but the weather has been so wet and windy of late. I used to live in Berwick and I loved going across the causeway to the Island. Now we live in Kelso, and lately we have only gone as far the Barn at Beal a lovely new Restaurant, which has opened on the mainland, a little way before you reach the causeway. You might have seen it, as you passed by.

    As for the acceptances, I am still waiting to get something accpeted by Take a break :(

    Check out my blog when you have a moment Life's hard - Wine helps. Don't you just love that title??