Thursday, 15 September 2011

One of those bitty days

I sent out a couple of new tips, then spent the rest of the day reworking stories. Sent one to Take a Break, two to Oz, one to Yours, and finished with my once a month sub to My Weekly. Those always take me ages. First I have to choose which story to pick, then I have to make it fit the word count.
I’ve booked some Christmas lunches which is good, plus a weekend away (hurray!). Not Liverpool though. I’m going to Bury to find out about the local witches. It’s meant to be a break, but if there are witches involved, I’ll expect I’ll end up writing a story. Of course, writing stories, when they’re flowing well, doesn’t feel like work It’s the rewriting and searching for markets that wears me out.
I went to my crossword class where an hour goes by so fast, it’s positively frightening. On my way home I found two dresses in a charity shop, bought some ridiculously cheap fruit from the greengrocer, and a turkey leg from Wilson’s, the best butcher for miles.
I had a call from Angel’s owner earlier. Angel was the boxer with health problems I looked after a few months ago. She’s hoping to book a bargain break and wanted to make sure I was free to look after her dog before she booked. She said if I wasn’t available, she wouldn’t go away which was sweet. I’ve pencilled her in so that if she does find a holiday I’ll be free to board Angel. I’m not likely to get many other enquiries. Either people are staying home or the fees are too much for them to cope with, but I’ve had more weeks without dogs than with them.
It’s coming up to eight now so I think that’s enough for today.
Tomorrow morning I have to see a man at Cross Gates library about my proposed talk to the Garforth Library Reading Group. That wll be two interviews and I’m not even being paid!


  1. Searching for markets - i think that wears us all out. I do wish there were more markets,and what about the waiting, so much waiting to find out if your story has made it through or not. I keep writing, I keep submitting, but always the waiting is in the back of my mind! :-)

  2. I agree Diane, I seem to spend my whole life 'waiting' - when I know I should just be cracking on with the next piece of work! It's hard though, isn't it? An acceptance really spurs me on and reminds me that what I'm doing really is worthwhile!

  3. hello 'blogaboutwriting'. It is hard, I keep reminding myself keep on writing and yes, yes, yes i do agree with u an acceptance does spur you on. that's what i'm hoping on really soon as i could do with a boost. i always seem to write really well riding that high feeling of getting an acceptance. sending you some good vibes...