Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday at NAWG

A week ago at NAWG

Sunday morning.
After a leisurely breakfast, I made my way to my last workshop. This time with Steve Bowkett, the man who gave me hypnotherapy, three years ago. The workshop was called – LEARN SELF HYPNOSIS TO BOOST CREATIVITY. If that had been the only workshop on offer, I would probably have still signed up for the Festival.
In a nutshell, Steve explained how, by simply relaxing, we could give more concentration to the things we wanted to achieve. It boiled down to imagining what you want, and finding a place in your mind where you can be creative. I’m probably not explaining this at all well which is a shame as it was really good and very useful. I’m hoping it’s taught me how to make more of the time I have to write so that I can focus and be more productive. We’ll have to wait and see.
At half past twelve it was time for lunch. People had already begun to drift off. I had thought of hanging on for a lift to Huddersfield from one of the committee members, but in the end, I took the train, travelling with James Nash, the poet whose workshop I’d attended the day before. He was good company and I hope to see him again as he doesn’t live that far from me.
Overall, I had an enjoyable weekend. Once again I met some great people, and hope I can keep in touch with some of them at least. I also met a publisher, but I’m not going to say any more about that until something comes of it.

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