Friday, 9 September 2011

The festival of Writing 2011 from the National Association of Writers Groups

A week ago today – NAWG Festival of Writing.

I set off on some time after 11 a.m. to get the train into Leeds, then caught the 12.05 from Leeds to Nottingham. After a relaxing journey down, during which I read a book and drafted a short story, I arrived in Nottingham. Rather than try and figure out the buses, I caught a taxi (£10 including tip) to the University arriving at about half past two.
Check in time was officially three, but arriving early wasn’t a problem. I collected my key and went to inspect my room which was on the ground floor. Apart from a rather hard, narrow bed, it was fine. After unpacking I went back to the reception area to display the books I’d bought with me for sale. Then it was time for refreshment. The weather was so warm and pleasant that most people sat outside, enjoying the sunshine.
At half five, we all went inside for a welcome from the committee and for a chance for tutors and speakers to make themselves known.
By six we were all ready for our evening meal. Soup to start followed by a fruity lamb casseroley thing. To keep costs down, it was this or something vegetarian. The desert was something creamy like a cross between a mousse and a trifle. Some people opted for a fruit salad instead.
At half seven the works began in earnest as we all set off for our first class. Due to a problem finding rooms with wheelchair access, two classes were a good five minute walk away. I’d chosen EXPOSITIONS – creating the world of the play, with Julie Bokowiec in which we looked at the opening of various dramas and the way they gain the viewer’s (or listener’s) attention.
The class finished at nine. The ‘entertainment’ promised at 9.15 turned out to be a talk from Chris day of Filament Publishing who managed to put a much more positive spin on the world of 21st Century publishing. After a drink at the bar, it was time to go to bed.

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