Tuesday, 20 September 2011


If it snows this winter, I’m emigrating.
I’ve been working on three short stories today. One’s gone to Woman’s Weekly, and another to Take A Break. The third story is rather problematic. It’s a crime story and I’m not sure if it’s too strong for a womag. I’ll probably send it to TAB anyway as you never know.
That’s my quota of stories done for this week (hurray!). All I have to do is find the next three ideas, ready to have a go at next week. I need to try and write three a week, at least for a while, to make up for all the stories I didn’t manage to write earlier in the year, when I had all that grief over my mother.
Last night, I went to the first rehearsal for the Ilkley fringe event. Siobhan Macmahon is amazing. I swear she could make any words, even a phone directory, come to life. I’m sure the event is going to be great. That said, I’m having second thoughts about being involved. There’s a lot more drama involved for one thing, and I’m also not entirely happy about reading a piece of prose that I don’t feel is very good. People might think I wrote it! I’ll have to have a think about what I want to do. It's not as though the Club is short of readers.
Tomorrow is Heydays at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. On Thursday I’m hoping my cryptic crossword teacher will have proof read my latest writing guide. If he has, I can get it uploaded to Lulu before I go away for the weekend.
I’m fighting off this batch of depression by throwing work at it, and keeping busy, even if it’s just doing a jigsaw, anything that stops me from brooding is good. I made a banana cake this afternoon from an untried recipe. Baking is an excellent mood lifter plus I get to the eat the cakes.


  1. Great to have found your blog! I can't believe how many stories you can churn out; I'm not even sure I could manage even one for a competition. BWs x

  2. Well done on reaching your quota Linda! It is good to keep busy - very wise of you. Ooh banana cake sounds nice :-)

  3. Yum, banana cake - delicious (and you can kid yourself that it's healthy!). I've been blackberry picking today - still lots left in the hedgerows and it's very therapeutic. I thought of a story idea while I was doing it! And this afternoon I've made a couple of pear and blackberry crumbles for the freezer. Something for those cold winter days ahead! (Goodness me, I'm sounding like Delia Smith!)