Friday, 16 September 2011

Beards and apples

My first task today was to go and see a man at Crossgates library. I thought I was going to discuss speaking to a readers group, but now that’s all changed and they want to do something bigger, which is fine by me. The only problem is that I have no idea what that will be, or whether it will come off. Have to wait and see. The man I had to see was called Damien, and he was completely gorgeous – young, good looking, tall and bearded (beards are a weakness of mine. All my husbands had them). Of course he was about thirty years too young for me.
Having had a batch of rejections back from Norah McGrath. I spent a lot of time today rewriting/editing the rejected stories so that I could send them elsewhere. I sent two to Womans Weekly, one to The People’s Friend as I’m determined to sell them at least one story, one to Yours and one to Oz.
I also had to find my monthly sub for My Weekly which I always hate doing. I never know which story to send.
At lunch time I took a break to dig up some potatoes and plant some spring bulbs. It’s lucky I did as it started pouring not long afterwards.
Now I have to tackle an enormous bag of apples given to me by my neighbour. He gave me 3 bags and I’ve managed to off load one to another neighbour but I still have an awful lot of apples to deal with!

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  1. Hello Linda - those dreaded rejections (I know all about them). Hopefully some marvellous news for you soon..for that matter, for me too! :-)