Monday, 1 August 2011

Bye Woody, Bye Snoopy. Come back soon.

I haven’t managed to do much today. One critique of a short story, then I read the three pumpkin stories submitted as a result of my column and emailed the winner offering a prize of one of my books. Then we took the dogs out for a last walk to Temple Newsam, through the woods and out again.
I'm so very very sad to see them go. They were such gentle, fun, crazy, affectionate dogs. I just hope their owners go away again, soon.
It’s very hot, so hot I feel uncomfortable. I really need to get to the Club tonight – it’s a social at O’Neill’s in town. I’ve hardly been to any evening meetings this year. I’m just no good in the heat so if it’s packed and crowded, I’ll just have to come home early. I’m so tempted to stay home, but that will only make me feel worse in my head. So, have a shower, grab some food, then out.

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