Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I’m not sure if I’ve got some kind of bug or whether it’s just the heat, but I ache from top to toe. The slightest thing feels like an enormous effort. I was meant to be going to the AGM of the Leeds Savages tonight but in the end I had to send my apologies. I feel as though I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.
I’ve been working on a story rewrite that needs some more life injecting into it but had to give up. I then switched to my Writers Forum column which is almost there but not quite. I’ll get back to both of those tomorrow. After a break, it’s surprising how easily things start to slot together. I’m going to have a proper look through the Swanwick brochure. There are so many things going on, I need time to decide which courses to do and which to miss. It’s going to be hard choosing, that’s all I know.
Two pieces of good news today. Louis, the chocolate Labrador I looked after a month or so ago is coming back later thins month, it’s just for three days, but that’s better than nothing. Also, my photo agency (FLPA) sent me a statement. They’re going to make a payment into my bank next week. That’s all thanks to photos of fish I took back in the 1990s.
I love it when that happens as I haven’t had to do any work. I was going to into town and see if I can find some new dresses to take with me to Swanwick. Now I can buy shoes as well.

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