Saturday, 6 August 2011

Competitions and submissions

I started reading The girl who played with fire this morning. It’s very hard to put down but somehow I made myself do exactly that. I had a list of things I wanted to get done. First I had to rewrite a story that was rejected by Woman’s Weekly. I’d sent it to them first for a change and they gave me some feedback which, as I read it, I had to agree with. I’ve written quite a few stories this year that are, frankly, not good enough. It was when I was going through all the trauhma with my mother. I should have stopped writing as everything I did came out flat and dull.
Next I entered Writing Magazine’s crime short story competition, and, for a change, one of their poetry competitions on the theme of animals. Next I sent three stories off to , and send something off to Byker Books to try and get a story into Radgepacket 6. (google byker books for details)
Now I’m working on something for another competition, a love story this time. I’m going to leave it to stew overnight and turn off for now. Time to play some music loud enough to wake up the neighbours.

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