Sunday, 28 August 2011


As it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, I decided to take the day off and work tomorrow. Louis goes home this evening so I wanted to make the most of having him here which meant a long walk and giving him lots of cuddles.
Last night, I went to a BBQ at a friend’s house, down the road. All the talk was about the people living next door to them and their long running dispute with their neighbours. It sounded like a fuss about nothing very much. Matters had escalated and the police were involved. I could see how the anger and stress were eating away at the people concerned. It’s such a waste of energy and so sad.
I’ve just been watching the Grand Prix, more asleep than awake thanks to the warmth of Louis beside me, now I need to sort through my pile of papers and find some more stories to write next week. That means it’s time to switch off the pc and escape the attractions of facebook and email and get some words on the page (and maybe have a quick look at Saturday’s cryptic Xword in the Telegraph!)

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