Sunday, 7 August 2011

Recycling is hard

It’s been another, frustrating, energy sapping day. I’ve been working on rewriting stories so that I can send them to other markets. Most of the time I really don’t enjoy doing it. I sometimes wonder whether it wouldn’t be easier just to write some totally new stories. A couple of years ago, when I had lots more markets to choose from, it wasn’t so bad but now…..
Swanwick is fast approaching and I’m getting more worried about it as each day passes. I so want to have a good time, and make the best use of every day – it will be over soon enough. I went to Tesco’s earlier and bought some cans of booze so that I don’t have to pay expensive bar prices. Now I need to try and make up my mind which clothes to take and which to leave behind. I have no idea what people will be wearing. Will it be jeans and sweatshirts or posh frocks? Only one way to find out of course and that’s to just go.

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