Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Magic of Fishkeeping (now available from Lulu)

My novel arrived, hot off the press from Lulu. Unfortunately, I’d somehow made an error over the size and it’s HUGE (A4 when it should have been A5). Hopefully, I will come across people looking for large print, otherwise, I’ll have to bin it.
I spent ages this morning trying to figure out what I’d done wrong then correcting it. Luckily I only ordered five! The cover looks good though. I used one of my fishy photos and it’s rather striking.
After all that fiddling about, I wasn’t in the mood for fiction so I got on with my column for Writers Forum. It’s hard to believe but this is number 36. It seems like no time at all since I started writing it.
I’d fallen behind a bit, so started work on number 37 as soon as I’d finished number 36. I hope to get that done tomorrow so that I don’t have to think about writing another until I get back from NAWG. There are still places available by the way (
Tonight, tow of the neighbours are coming over to watch The King’s Speech which I bought on DVD. I’ve already seen it but I don’t mind a second viewing.

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