Monday, 29 August 2011

Back to work but still dreaming of Swanwick

I’ve been busy today working on two short stories. They’re both ‘getting there’ but haven’t quite arrived yet.
I had a sale, which is great, to That’s Life in Australia.
I’ve also been trying to make up my mind how to get to Nottingham on Friday. The coach is cheapest, but gets there way too early so it looks like I’m going to have to plump for the train. I’d hoped to find somebody wiling to give me a lift but so far that hasn’t happened. Maybe I’ll be able to get a lift back. Sometimes it’s hard not being able to drive.
I thought it was time to post some photos from my time at Swanwick. It’s impossible to capture the atmosphere with a camera, but it might give people an idea of how wonderful it was for me. I’m only just starting to recover. It was so intensive.

The pictures show Simon Hall, the crime writer we all fell for.
Part of the Leeds Writers Circle party.
A man enjoying a stroll in the grounds of the conference centre.

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