Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday at swanwick

Tuesday at Swanwick (written one week after the event)

Tuesday represents a kind of half way point at Swanwick, when people take some time off to gather themselves in preparation for the rest of the week.
There were no courses which was, in some ways at least, a relief. After a breakfast of porridge with honey, the Writing Fiction Panel took questions from 9.30 – 12.15, with a break for tea. I skipped the second part in favour of a doze. Some of the people on the panel were a bit negative and I’d heard most of what they were saying before but I expect many people found it useful. I wondered why short stories weren’t represented on the panel.
After lunch, people could choose a guided walk, a coach trip to Calke Abbey, or a workshop on scriptwriting that would lead to a performance later that same evening. I was tempted by the workshop as I enjoy acting and don’t often get the chance, but in the end I decided to do my own thing. I got a taxi into Alfreton (£5 each way) and spent time browsing the shops coming home with a dress I found in a charity shop and some conditioner for my hair. When I got back to The Hayes, my heat rash was in full swing thanks to the taxi being like a sauna. Luckily nobody saw me because I was covered in lumps from head to toe, like some kind of mutant lizard.
I took a long shower then had a rest until it was time for the bar and book room to open at six. The Book Room is where delegates can display and, hopefully, sell their books. I was pleasantly surprised to find my book on why short stories are rejected had already sold out. Note to self – take more next time. My other books were selling too which was great.
After dinner, Meg Davis was the speaker. She’s an agent, but I don’t think I’d want her to represent me. I made the mistake before of being so desperate to have an agent that I didn’t think whether or not they would suit me. Next time, I want one I can relate to, not just the first one that comes along.
From 10 – 11, people performed the short screenplays they’d worked on earlier, but I missed that, because I wanted to go to the buskers evening. I’m glad I did. The talent on display was awesome, from comic songs to a woman singing her own songs whilst accompanying herself on the piano. Really, really good. Went to bed at about quarter past midnight. Tired but happy.

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