Tuesday, 30 August 2011

CBT, a stately home and an AGM.

I had another day off today. It was that time of the week again when I had to go and see my CBT counsellor, which is always emotional, so after that I decided to use a coupon I found in the local paper. It gave 2 for 1 entry to Temple Newsam House which is about a mile from where I live. I’ve been to the rare breeds farm, and walked round the grounds plenty of times with various dogs, but I’d never ventured inside the house. I didn’t expect there to be so much to see. Even if I’d paid full price it would have been a bargain. The paintings must be worth tens of millions alone and almost every room had a piece of furniture made by Chippendale. Sadly, for me the place didn’t come alive like some other stately homes. My favourite is probably Llanhydrock (I’ve forgotten how to spell that, sorry) which is in Cornwall. There you can see the kitchen and the other rooms where the work was done and the servants lived. That said, I’m glad I took the time to go round. After that I had to take another nap! I thought the post Swanwick sleeping sickness had gone, but it came back with a vengeance this afternoon. Now I’ve got to force myself to go out again, this time to that most thrilling of annual events, the local Neighbourhood Watch AGM. I just hope I can stay awake.

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  1. Hi Linda, it's ages since I looked round Temple Newsham, but what I thought was most interesting was how over the years, they have changed the number of floors within the building by moving floors and ceilings up or down. They do a 'ghost walk' on wednesdays, I think, and go through a tunnel under the courtyard. Carol