Saturday, 23 April 2011

To Do List

It’s just gone five and I’ve completed the first three things on the list. It’s too hot to even think about removing wallpaper, so I might wait until the weather changes – it can’t stay this nice for much longer, this IS England after all.
Molly, the Labrador puppy arrived this morning, and has already caused devastation in the garden. Apparently, and her owners didn’t mention this on the booking form, she loves nothing better than to dig. A border that was waiting to be planted is now a 12” deep trench. The mess she was in had to be seen to be believed. There’s mud all over the path. It’s just as well I have different parts of the garden fenced and gated off.  If she’d got to my raised beds, I dread to think what would have happened.
I’m feeling like it’s time to get away from the PC. If I do that, there’s a chance I might get round to looking at some story ideas.
To anyone who might be reading this, especially Robert an Helen, have a great Easter!

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