Wednesday, 27 April 2011


This morning, I typed up a story I’d written in pen some weeks ago. It came out well, funny for a change, so I’ve broken one of the rules of writing and sent it to two places at once – a competition and a magazine. After that it was my last volunteering session at Good Neighbours. Since it switched to Wednesdays the board games part has just died, so I’m glad I won’t be going any more. Next week on Wednesday it’s Heydays at the West Yorkshire playhouse  and I’m hoping that I’ve been given one of my first choice of classes. I love painting )pictures not walls) but rarely allow myself time to do it at home, so if I get on a class, I’ll have an excuse to indulge myself. Fingers crossed.
As Wednesday is classed as a day off, I spent the rest of my time in the garden, putting in more potatoes, some strange Italian beans (the seeds came free with a potato planter) and some courgettes. Then it was time to water everything. I’m on  a meter so I water as little as possible but it’s been so dry I’ve had to use the hose.
Now to shut down and assemble some bits of path – the pieces click together.

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