Tuesday, 19 April 2011


It’s been a fiddly sort of day.
 I had to plan what I’m going to say at York Writers tomorrow night which took a while, then I had to do the same for the story time session I’m doing at Cross Gates Good Neighbours. Then two more readers of my Writers Forum column asked me for advice on their Take a Break stories. After that I did some more work on the book about Mum. The word count now stands at 42,000 words. Two hours of that was enough so I switched back to short stories. I’ve just rewritten one that Take a Break rejected a couple of years ago, probably because it’s about an affair. Now I’ve changed it, I can try sending it back to them. 
I've also decided to run another short story competition, closing date October 31st. I've doubled the prize money so hopefully, more people will enter. 
It’s been such a lovely day, it’s been very hard to keep out of the garden. I did take a half hour break outside, and will try to get some more work done out there later.
This morning, Pampered Pets gave me a last minute booking. A seven month old Labrador puppy is coming to stay from Saturday until Tuesday so that’s something to look forward to.

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