Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another hot day, another short story sale

Last night at York Writers went well, at least I think it did.  It felt like hard work but I gave them so much information and so many tips, I’m sure they’ll think the fee was worth it.
Mum called me just before I left, saying how terrible things were with Denis but refusing to give me any clues or details. I’ve had dozens of similar calls where she says ‘everything’ is wrong but won’t say what she means because he might overhear. When I explain that, unless she tells me what’s happening, there’s nothing I can do to help, she slams the phone down. Then the next time I speak to her, she says she doesn’t know what she’d do without Denis and that’s he’s wonderful.
I’ve spent most of today battling with the accounts, ready to do my tax return. I’ve now added up and subtracted most of the figures so I’ll be able to tackle the form over Easter. I was shocked how much my income had fallen in the past year, thanks to the all the worries and stress.
I went out after lunch to the cryptic crossword class which I’m enjoying though I’m not making much progress yet. It was so hot as I walked home, I could feel my skin beginning to burn. Amazing weather. Shame I’m not much good in the heat.
I sold a story to The Weekly News which is good and I’ve pitched an idea to the Guardian, for their Saturday,  family Section. It’s about Mum and her solicitor.I heop they're interested enough to want to see it.
Tomorrow the NAWG Secretary is coming to see me about running a national competition to raise some much needed funds.

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