Thursday, 7 April 2011

Short listed

I’m not going to be on line much today. The electrician is due to work on the shower etc  and I don’t want to risk being cut off in mid flow.
Writers News has just arrived. I was pleased to discover that I was short listed in their story competition.
I haven’t been entering these lately – I didn’t feel it was right as I’m a professional, but with markets closing and competition increasing, I decided to try and win at least once, just to prove that I could.
When I first started writing fiction, I entered most months and was shortlisted several times but never won a prize. I didn’t mind. Some of those stories went on to be sold to Woman’s Weekly. Plus, I enjoy working to a deadline and having a theme to work with. For the past few months, entry’s been free, so I hope people won’t mind if I have a go.

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