Thursday, 28 April 2011

Green eyes

The sun’s shining, the garden’s looking like a garden, I had a break at the crossword group, but I still can’t seem  to shake off a feeling of gloom. I’ve been trying to avoid it, but the sad fact is, this business with Mum effectively cutting me out of her life, has hit me like an express train. I wish I could get some decent stories written, but I feel so full of emotion, trying to get under a character’s skin is proving difficult. It’s as though I’ve only got a certain amount of emotion to work with and I’m using it all.
If the weather’s fine tomorrow, I’m heading for Skipton and the Dales. It’s not that I don’t like the Royal family because I do, I just hate the way this wedding has saturated the media. I guess I also feel a bit jealous. I’ve been on my own too long.

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  1. Linda
    I hope you've had a nice day and that the sun shone up North. I watched the wedding and enjoyed it but I can understand why you didn't want to. Perhaps you could channel some of your feelings about the wedding into a short story? All the best (how's the boxer?!)